Outer characterization

Bisesa is another important character in the story “Beyond the Pale” by Rudyard Kipling. She is the woman with whom Trejago has an affair. She is depicted directly through the narrator and through Trejago’s thoughts, and indirectly through her actions and attitude.

Bisesa’s outer characterization reveals that “She was a widow, about fifteen years old” (ll. 22-23) living under her uncle’s care in a room with barred windows (ll. 112-113). While she considers herself black because she is Indian, her skin is described as being pale and beautiful: “ ‘I am only a black girl’--she was fairer than bar-gold in the Mint—‘and the widow of a black man’ ” (ll. 149-151). This shows that she is aware that Trejago and the English society consider her inferior.

Inner characterization

Bisesa’s inner characterization first reveals that she longs for love: “she prayed the Gods, day and night, to send her a lover; for she did not approve of living alone.” (ll. 23-24). I...

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