Beautiful Things

Denne study guide giver hjælp til analyse af novellen “Beautiful Things” (2019) af Kate Vine. Novellen har været anvendt til den skriftlige eksamen i Engelsk A på STX den 18. august 2021. Ud over analysen finder du også et summary af teksten og hjælp til at fortolke novellen.

Hvis du har brug for hjælp til Assignment 1-3 fra den skriftlige eksamen på STX A den 18. august 2021, kan du finde vores vejledning her. 


Her kan du læse et uddrag af study guiden:

In general, readers are left to figure out how the narrator truly feels about the events, as her feelings are hard to decipher. For example, she seems affected by Tom’s feelings for another woman, yet she finds it easy to forget about the issue when she is at work (ll. 126-129).

The narrator’s reliability can perhaps be questioned, given how she often gives very indirect or confusing descriptions of her own emotions. At some points, she even directly describes her inner confusion in the narrative:

He thinks he knows everything about me. He talks about my memories like they’re his too. Together, we have made memories that are both of ours, yet I do wonder how they look in our minds. Do they look the same? Or do we remember differently? (ll. 120-122)

In this example, the narrator questions the reality she knows and the level of trust between Tom and her, admitting that she is no longer certain about how reliable her own beliefs are. 

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Beautiful Things

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