Baghdad Express

Her finder du vores study guide til den skriftlige eksamen med netadgang i Engelsk B på HF fra 29. maj 2015. Opgave 6C er en analyse af kortfilmen “Baghdad Express” af Nimer Rashed. Opgaveformuleringen lød:

  1. Write a summary of “Baghdad Express” in about 150 words.
  2. Write a short analytical essay (at least 300 words) about “Baghdad Express”. You must focus on the main character Maya. Include the following words and phrases in your essay: setting, flashback, close-up, main theme
  3. Taking your starting point in the short film, discuss the dilemma of balancing personal dreams and the expectations of others.


Her kan du læse et kort uddrag af vores study guide:


The short film contains a variety of diegetic sounds (sounds that naturally belong in a scene). A few examples of diegetic sounds are the sound made by the sewing machine and the background noise on the street where Maya and Louise talk. These sounds imitate a natural setting, which helps draw the audience into the story of the film. 

Diegetic sounds also tell the audience more about the characters. On her way to the interview, Maya listens to modern British music (00:47-01:00), suggesting her preference for British culture. The lyrics of the song Maya is listening to: “People like people that don’t give up” (oo:46) point to Maya’s determination to get accepted in the fashion school. In her father’s restaurant, Arabic music can be heard (01:33-02:00). Maya’s father also speaks to her mostly in Arabic. This informs the audience about Maya and her father’s cultural background and shows that the father identifies with Arabic culture. 

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Baghdad Express

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