Other victims of colonialism

Colonialism and genocide

The mistreatment suffered by Indigenous Australians at the hands of European colonists is not an isolated event in history. Indigenous people all over the world have experienced similar aggression and were victims of genocide once colonisation began on their lands.

North America

When Columbus arrived in 1492 in North America, an estimated 5 million to 15 million indigenous people lived there. Just like the British settlers in Australia, the European settlers saw an opportunity in the vast and fertile lands of North America and viewed the indigenous people largely as uncivilised savages. The Europeans did not understand the Native Americans’ spiritual way of life and saw themselves as superior, while Native Americans grew suspicious and sometimes displayed hostility towards the new settlers.

These tensions led to a large number of wars, attacks, and raids on Native Americans, making it the country with the most violent acts against its indigenous people. The Indian Wars lasted until the ea...

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