Physical setting

The events described in the short story “Another Community” by Rasipuram Krishnaswamy Narayan take place in an unnamed town in India. This is suggested by the reference to “castes” (p. 284, l. 1) introduced at the beginning. 

Several other clues suggest that the events take place right before the beginning of the Indo-Pakistani War, which started in October 1947: “It was on the whole a peaceful, happy life – till the October of 1947, when he found that the people around had begun to speak and act like savages” (p. 284, ll. 18-20). The two communities – Indian and Pakistani – are not mentioned, but the clues make it easy to discover the setting. 

Some of the events take place in the man’s office (p. 286, ll. 33-37), while others take place in...

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