Characterization of the man

Outer characterization

The man is the main character of the short story “Another Community” by Rasipuram Krishnaswamy Narayan. The narrator does not offer details about the man’s origins, inviting readers to try to guess which community he belongs to and hinting that it does not matter. The man’s outer characterization reveals that he is middle-aged (p. 284, l. 12) and has worked in the insurance business (p. 284, l. 9) all his life. 

The man is married and has four children (p. 284, ll. 14-15) and lives in a modest house which has “two rooms and a hall” (p. 284, l. 14). All this points to the fact that he lives an ordinary life. After he dies, he is identified through “the kerosene ration coupon in his breast pocket” (p. 288, ll. 5-6). The reference to kerosene cons...

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