Stone Cold by Robert Swindells | Analyse

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Romananalyse: Stone Cold by Robert Swindells | Analyse

Her er en analyse af romanen Stone Cold (1993) af den britiske forfatter Robert Swindells.

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Dit sprog er godt – nuanceret og med få fejl - men du glemmer at bruge fagudtryk.
Ellers mange rigtig gode observationer – du viser meget fine analytiske evner!


Plot: To Catch a Rat
Characters: The Selfish
Setting: A Rock and a Hard Place
Conclusion: Better is not always better


Stone Cold by Robert Swindells is an intimate look into the lives of the homeless in London, and the depraved ex-military. With vivid description and blunt realism, Swindells creates a world in which hopelessness, love, and murder can all exist. The reader is guided through the utter futility of Link's existence as he searches for any shred of land to call home, yet still manages to find companionship and love. -All that while Shelter that despite having a roof over his head and money in the bank, isolation alone is enough to drive him to murder.

Plot: To Catch a Rat
Stone Cold could be described as a duet. Swindells spends the majority of his writing describing the misadventures of Link, a runaway teenage in London with no prospecting from other him self. The two-toned aspect of the story is introduced as the reader meets Shelter, an older gentleman who had once trained recruits to join the army. Shelter was …... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Stone Cold by Robert Swindells | Analyse

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