Shakespeare in Love | Analysis

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Filmanalyse, Analytical essay: Shakespeare in Love | Analysis

Her finder du en opgave, der analyserer filmen "Shakespeare in Love" af John Madden. Opgaven kommer blandt andet ind på hvordan filmen relaterer sig til Shakespeares faktiske liv og virke, og hvilke temaer der bliver taget op.

Til sidst kommer forfatteren også med sin holdning til filmen.



To be or not to be, this is the question. Whether a movie, supposedly about a real life person, can be perceived as a source of facts, or to realize it is merely a product of Hollywood, trying to give the audience what they crave in a classic love story. The movie, Shakespeare in Love (1998) by John Madden, focuses on Shakespeare as a writer, living in the Elizabethan time period, but even though everyone knows Shakespeare was a real person, in this rendition, the way he lived and behaved may have been exaggerated, if not completely altered.

Information about Shakespeare's identity has been very hard to come by. As play writers were not credited or given the respect we give today, his life and persona remains a mystery. This begs to ask the question; who was the real Shakespeare? Shakespeare in Love tries to answer this question, though probably not as a serious answer to the question. As Shakespeare's identity is a mystery, it is very easy to interpret it anyway one might want to. John Maddens version might be a farfetched idea, but it is not entirely impossible. A lot about Shakespeare does not add up; for example: he was believed to be son of an illiterate glove-maker and then went on to become both a playwright and an actor.
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Shakespeare in Love | Analysis

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