Rentabilitetsanalyse af Carlsberg

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Rentabilitetsanalyse af Carlsberg

Afsætningsopgave med rentabilitetsanalyse af Carlsberg.

Opgaven indeholder en beskrivelse af firmaet samt analyse af Carlsbergs rentabilitet.

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Beskrivelse af firmaet
Index figures for earnings capacity


The enterprise Carlsberg A/S is a well-known Danish production company that offers its procurements, products such as soft drinks, water, food and Beer, to almost every segment of the market, when purchasing on the B2C market. The company Carlsberg A/S has its headquarter located in Valby, and has always been located there. The first brewery in Valby took place on the 10th of November 1847.
The mission statement and concept at Carlsberg A/S is: ,,Carlsberg Danmarks mission er at skabe værdifulde oplevelser for kunder og forbrugere.'' The company has a broad and deep product assortment to its broad target group that consists of individual customers who purchases upon the USP motive on the B2C market. The company's generic strategies are differentiation, however, they are also pursuing the cost leadership strategy, mainly because of its broad target group and product uniqueness that has exceptional attributes to its target market. Moreover, Carlsberg A/S is the market leader of the brewery industry in Denmark, where they are operating on the monopolistic market, competing for customer's disposable income... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Rentabilitetsanalyse af Carlsberg

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