Noah af Walter Woodman og Patrick Cederberg | Filmanalyse

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Noah af Walter Woodman og Patrick Cederberg | Filmanalyse

Denne opgave er skrevet på engelsk og handler om filmen "Noah" af Walter Woodman og Patrick Cederberg. Opgaven indeholder blandt andet et resume af filmen og en karakteristik af Noah.

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Fin struktur og fine tanker bag det skriftlige


1. A summary of the short film
2. A characterization of Noah and his online identity.
3. A brief evaluation of the influence of social medias on teenagers' lives. Do social medias affect teenagers' lives in a negative way or in a positive way? You can include personal experiences in this last question.


The short film is about Noah, who is going to high school in the upcoming school year, and his girlfriend Amy being afraid of having a long-distance relationship.. He is trying to tell her, what he thinks about it, but she do not want to hear his opinion, in the fact that she just hang up on the Skype call. Noah is chatting with Kanye about the problems between them. While they are chatting Amy change her profile picture, Noah is taking that as a symbol of her in the attempt to move forward and get some new attention from other guys. Kanye is tipping him to login to Amy's Facebook account, and so he do. He can see that she is often chatting with a guy called Dylan Ramshaw. He is changing her information's from “in-to-relationship” to “single”. Noah is shutting down the computer, and the messages from Amy are checking in on his phone... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Noah af Walter Woodman og Patrick Cederberg | Filmanalyse

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