Melania Trump's Speech at RNC 2016 | Analytical essay

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Melania Trump's Speech at RNC 2016 | Analytical essay

Analyse af Melania Trumps tale ved Republikanernes Nationale Konvention (RNC) fra 18. juli 2016, under det amerikanske præsidentvalg i 2016.


Write an analytical essay (6-800- words) in which you analyse Melania Trump's speech at the National Republican Convention. Part of your essay must focus on how Melania Trump argues for her views and on her intention. In your essay you must include references to:
Melania Trump's speech
1-2 other internet sources
All sources must be documented.

Melania Trump (18 min.): Link til talen
Speech at the National Republican Convention, Cleveland, Ohio, July 18 2016


Voting for the 2016 American Election is due on the 8th of November. The American voters will be choosing between either Hillary Clinton from the democratic party and Donald Trump from the republican party as the next President of the United States. But before these presidential candidates were chosen to present each of their party, both had to convince the voters, that they are well-suited for the job. Some of the things that can influence a presidential candidate's chance of getting their party's election are for example their general appearance in the media. A way to change this perception, is by doing public appearances like speeches. In the case of doing speeches it doesn't always have to be held by the main presidential …... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Melania Trump's Speech at RNC 2016 | Analytical essay

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