AIDA model on Max Factor | Engelsk A

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AIDA model on Max Factor | Engelsk A

Opgaven indeholder en AIDA (AIDAS) model over firmaet Max Factor, som analyserer en reklame for mascara.

Lærers kommentar

This is a well-written analysis of the advertisement and you have shown that you fully understand the model.
There is a good disposition to your work and you have picked out all of the main points, with use of the model.

My only criticism is that you maybe should have used more of your words on “S” because this was part 2 of the assignment and given more details or examples. This would have meant reducing some of the other parts.
You have provided some very good sources.

Grade: 10




"Underneath I will make an analysis of an advertisement for mascara from the highly innovative company, Max Factor, and the analysis will be based on the AIDAS-model.

This advertisement from Max Factor is unusual compared with other make-up advertisements and therefore it grabs the attention of the audience. The model has a beautiful golden colour and the light is directed towards her face. The statuette besides her is white and the background is bright too so that is resulting in the model captures attention.

“Every message has to work extremely hard to get noticed ”. Another fact that makes the audience attracted is the statuette itself, because it is only the half of her face which is shown and her lash is very evident."... Køb adgang for at læse mere

AIDA model on Max Factor | Engelsk A

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