Manuscript for speech - Bestseller

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Manuscript for speech - Bestseller

Her finder du en opgave, som er et manuskript til en tale, der skal handle om de kulturelle forskelle mellem Danmark og Kina. Det skal forestille, at den der skal holde talen er direktøren for firmaet Bestseller.


My name is Anders Holch Povlsen and I am the CEO for this company. It is a great honour for me to come here and hold a little speech for those of you who are going to be stationed in China. At this moment we have approximately 3700 shops in China , and with the blooming economy of China we hope to continue our success. That is why we have planned this meeting today, to give you all a view of the general cultural differences that you can get to meet during your stay in China. It is important for Bestseller that we pass this knowledge on to you, because Bestseller sees all employees as the key to success. My assistant will come around to give handouts to those of you who are interested in getting notes from this meeting.

I will quickly outline the main points:
- The first meeting – How do you greet and introduce
- Social distance and touching – What is appropriate and what is not
- Conversations – Personal questions and saying no
- Gestures – Taboos and mutually understood gestures
- Giving gifts – How to accept and present a gift
- Verner Worm's 10 commandments for the businessman in China

The first meeting
The Chinese people are very harmony seeking and they like to talk and do business with people they already know, so it can be very difficult to start a conversation or even negotiations. A calm appearance and the ability to show patience is therefore really important. There is a relatively high power distance in China and you should always take account of that, while showing respect and not let anybody lose face in front of others.
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Manuscript for speech - Bestseller

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