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E-mail, Essay: Subway - Engelsk A December 2012 - HHX

Her finder du et eksempel på en besvarelse af eksamen i engelsk A på HHX fra december 2012. Opgaven handler om sandwichkæden Subway.

Opgaven indeholder besvarelse af opgave A: Essay og opgave B: E-mail i delprøve 2.


A: Essay
Subway concept gives great success
The Subway sandwich shops are well known in almost every country today. The 5-foot long sandwich has gained a great success, and it looks like the success is rising instantly. Since Fred Deluca opened his first sandwich shop as a 17-year old college student in 1965, his life has taken an incredible turn. He invented the Subway-concept and is now one of the richest men on earth and the man behind over 20.000 shops in the US. This is more shops than Mc Donald's have.
Subway is a sandwich shop which focuses on healthy fast food. The shops offer fresh-made sandwiches and the sandwiches are made right in front of the customer. This is simple, but it differentiates Subway from all the other fast food chains and gives the name, Subway, a little bit of an edge.

B: E-mail
Subject: Entrepreneurship
Dear Jude Simpson
Thank you for your e-mail. Fred Deluca is not available to answer your question at this time, but as his personal assistant I will do it for him. I hope that is okay.
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Subway - Engelsk A December 2012 - HHX

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