Abercrombie and Fitch | SOR-analyse | Afsætning

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Virksomhedsanalyse: Abercrombie and Fitch | SOR-analyse | Afsætning

Her finder du en SOR analyse af Abercrombie and Fitch i Afsætning.

Opgaven er skrevet på engelsk og indeholder flere marketing-modeller som tilsammen udgør en SOR analysis. SOR er en forkortelse for Stimuli, Organisme og Respons, og dækker over en samlet analyse af købsadfærden hos virksomhedens kunder.

Opgaven er skrevet i 2015


With the stimuli I would like to include the 4'ps. The 4'ps:
Product: I talked about the product earlier, the jeans. They have a very good quality, they stay the same color and size and doesn't get “used” looking after a couple of weeks. Also there are a big variety of different designs in their store. Their brand name are inside the jeans, and also you can also can know the jeans by their “logo” on the back pockets, which is some kind of waves, so because of that their brand is recognizable and make it look classy. Jeans can be used everywhere and mostly everyone uses jeans at some times, which is why it is a good product to sell.
Price: Abercrombie's prices are over middle in my opinion; it is an expensive and exclusive brand. They have a lot of discounts often, they have sales in their stores when a new season are coming and also they have discounts like “Free shipping” on their website if you buy for over 500DKK or so. In America they also use... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Abercrombie and Fitch | SOR-analyse | Afsætning

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