Whose Life Is It Anyway? - Analyse

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Analytical essay: Whose Life Is It Anyway? - Analyse

Her kan du få inspiration til en analyse og fortolkning af dramaet "Whose life is it anyway", der er skrevet af Brian Clark i 1978.


Brian Clark: Whose Life is it Anyway? (1978)

The play takes place in a hospital around the month of April. It is about a patient by the name Kan Harrison. He has been hospitalised for six months because he was in a car accident and is now paralysed from the neck down. He is suffering mentally and wants to be discharged from the hospital. He is in the condition where he is ready to die rather than being hospitalised. He is fighting to get discharged from the hospital. Dr. Michael Emerson, a consultant physician, won't allow him to be discharged because he has no chance of survival in the condition he is in. Dr. Emerson thinks that he is unbalanced because of his situation. “He's naturally very depressed and wants to discharge himself.” In the end they pull a Judge in, to decide whether he may be discharged or not. The Judge allows him to be discharged because he finds Mr Harrison as a brave and cool man who is in complete control of his mental faculies. However Dr Emerson and Mr Harrison come to their own conclusion, because Dr Emerson hopes that Mr Harrison will change his mind. So he offers him to stay, and they will stop treating and feeding him so he will be unconscious in three days and dead in six. Mr Harrison agrees to this deal. – but not because he wants to change his mind.

Ken Harrison is a sculptor who was injured in a car accident. He is paralysed from his neck and down. He is very dependent on others to survive. He is a strong-minded, intelligent man; he knows a lot about most things and wants to know more. He questions the doctors, the nurse, the sister and everybody else regarding their profession and their private lives. He has got a special sense of humour. He tries to make everything seem funny, often in a perverted way and he flirts with every female around him. He uses his humour to make his situation seem funny ... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Whose Life Is It Anyway? - Analyse

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