The attractive workplace - Essay, E-mail og Oversættelse

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The attractive workplace - Essay, E-mail og Oversættelse

Opgaven besvarer eksamenssættet fra maj 2007 for Engelsk A på HHX ved navn "The Attractive Workplace". Besvarelsen indeholder essayet i opgave A2, e-mailen i opgave B1 og oversættelsen i opgave C.


Engelsk – The attractive workplace
A2: Essay
Workforce diversity is something that many, if not all, companies are focusing on.
The workforce diversity means that the companies employ people of every kind, black, white, yellow, Muslims, Hindu, Christians, men, women and so on.
It is a term for “the different”, instead of choosing the white men, which has been the preferred type for many years, the companies now choose to employ people from different cultures, different races, both men and women, and people in all ages.
The workforce diversity is due to the globalization, the companies are producing their products in different countries and it is no longer enough just to sell their products at the home market.

B1: E-mail
Subject: Competition – Workplace of the future

Dear British Telecom
My name is Simon, and I am writing to give you my point of view of the ideal workplace.
First and foremost it is important to me that I feel comfortable and secure at my workplace, and that my coworkers are nice.

My coworkers are one of the most important things to me, I need to have a good relationship with them. The atmosphere at the workplace is only good if the coworkers like each other and are able to have fun and cooperate.

C: Oversættelse
Big companies are ready to accelerate recruitment of people, who normally has problems by getting a job. The background is not only that the companies take social responsibility – there is going to be competition for the employees in the future.
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The attractive workplace - Essay, E-mail og Oversættelse

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