Anmeldelse af filmen "The Merchant of Venice"

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Filmanmeldelse: Anmeldelse af filmen "The Merchant of Venice"

Dette er en engelsk anmeldelse (review) af filmen "The Merchant of Venice", som bygger på dramaet af William Shakespeare.


The busy, wealthy and mainly Christian merchants of Venice during the 16th century are sharing the trade center with the unaccepted Jews which are all portrayed beautifully in William Shakespeare's play from 1596. The movie is a typical drama, filmed in 2004 and directed by the English film director Michael Radford.

The list of actors contains stars such as Jeremy Irons who plays the protagonist Antonio a prosperous Christian merchant from Venice. The English actor Joseph Fiennes is taking part in the movie as Bassanio, a great friend of Antonio and a suitor for the wealthy and clever girl Portia played by Lynn Collins. Al Pacino is almost unrecognizable in the role as the old, Jewish and bitter moneylender Shylock... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Anmeldelse af filmen "The Merchant of Venice"

  • 23-11-2012
    Givet af 3.g'er på STX
    Overskuelig anmeldelse, kunne godt trænge lidt lidt mere fortolkning