The Body Shop | Company profile

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The Body Shop | Company profile

A company profile on The Body Shop written in 2010.

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They company history including mission statement
The target group
The Marketing Mix
Micro Environment
Macro Environment
Conclusion of the SWOT analysis
Future prospects


The target group:
The target group of TBS products for men is the middle-class metro sexual man from the age 25-35. The products are for men who care about their looks and who want to spoil themselves and they typically doesn't have a family yet and they prefer buying on the internet.
The target group of TBS products for women is the middle-class women from the age 25 to 45. The products are for women who care about their looks. These women often have families which they also buy products to.
Potential customers are also the people who believe in TBS values (against animal testing)
A lot of the customers belong to the bandwagon motive which means that they prefer well-known products.
Self-esteem needs are when you go out and buy TBS products to improve your status. Also when you buy a brand you typically boost your own self-esteem, you just feel well.
Safety needs could be if a baby needs baby lotion and the mother is worried about all the chemical ingredients which are in beauty products, she would go to TBS, because they are against unnatural ingredients in beauty products. When the mother buys TBS products she would feel safe and secure, because she would know that there aren't anything in the products which could hurt her baby.
Social needs is if the group that you're socializing with all uses TBS products, then you'll probably go out and buy the same products as well, because you want to feel that you belong to the group you're socializing with... Køb adgang for at læse mere

The Body Shop | Company profile

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