Manuscript og Email om "Telecommuting"

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Eksempelbesvarelse, E-mail: Manuscript og Email om "Telecommuting"

Få hjælp til at skrive din Email og dit Manuscript om "Telecommuting", med Studienets eksempelbesvarelse af eksamenssættet for Engelsk A på HHX fra december 2009. Eksempelbesvarelsen besvarer både A: Manuscript og B: E-mail.

Manuskriptet og e-mailen er begge løbende kommenteret, så du kan følge med i, hvordan de to opgaver er løst, og hvad, der er lagt vægt på. Hvert afsnit forklares og uddybes, så du selv kan blive inspireret til, hvordan opgaven kan løses, og hvordan de to opgavetyper skrives til karakteren 12.

Eksempelbesvarelsen hjælper dig med inspiration til manuskriptet og e-mailen. Der er dog flere måder at skrive et manuskript og en blog på, og eksempelbesvarelsen her er på ingen måde den endelige løsning.


As a consultant of the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) you have been invited by the American Employers' Association to give a speech on work-life practices to CEOs of major companies.
In the speech, you account for current trends in the labour market. You discuss the pros and cons of different work-life practices from the point of view of employers and employees. You give your views on how the future work-life practices will develop taking factors such as e.g. globalization and economic trends into consideration.

Write the manuscript in English.

Suggested word count: 700-900 words

As a student about to graduate from a Danish Business College, you have agreed to take part in an international survey about young people's attitude towards work-life balance. Write the e-mail in English.
Suggested word count: 300-400 words.


A: Manuscript

How to get the most out of employees
Good morning to all of you CEOs and members of the American Employers' Association and thank you for inviting me here today.
My name is Liza Phillips, and I'm a consultant of the Corporate Executive Board. As experienced CEOs I'm sure you have plenty of ideas about how to run your business and how to treat your employees. However, I'm also sure that you have come here today because you are interested in knowing what all the others are doing and to learn more about how to improve your company through employee satisfaction. Therefore, today's talk is going to be about current trends in the labour market. I will present you with different work-life practices and discuss pros and cons both from your point of view and from the point of view of your employees. Finally, I will give my view on future work practices in these globalized and financially shaky times.

Goodbye to the office
Just a few years ago, employees felt lucky and privileged if they were allowed to work from home. Today, however, working at home is not just a fringe benefit. There's talk of a Digital Age makeover of the workplace where telecommuting is the keyword. In fact, many employers all over the Western world have started encouraging their employees to work from home in order to save money on real estate costs.
Often, employees don't really have a choice. They receive the notice that their boss is taking away their office and are given a free laptop and internet access as a consolation price.

What's in it for you?
As already hinted at, there is plenty of money to save if you close down some of your office space. But this is an important and in some cases drastic decision to make, so therefore you need to take many different factors into account.

B: E-mail

To: Tom Monahan
From: Student
Date: 24-08-2012
Subject: Survey

Dear Mr Monahan,
I would be delighted to answer your survey about work-life balance.
I find it difficult to assess just what the ideal work-life balance is for me since I have never had a full time job. But I would like to have time in the evening to be with family and friends, and therefore I guess normal daytime working hours would suit me best. On the other hand, it would be nice to have the opportunity to work in the evening or on weekends from time to time, if you have something important to attend to earlier in the day. Therefore some degree of flexible work hours would be great.

I wouldn't like to work from home, since I am a very social person and prefer to have people around me.
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Manuscript og Email om "Telecommuting"

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