Of Mice and Men - Romananalyse

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Analytical essay: Of Mice and Men - Romananalyse

Her finder du en kort romananalyse af "Of Mice and Men", der er skrevet af John Steinbeck i 1939. Analysen kommer omkring romanens emne om modsætninger og giver i den forbindelse en karakteristik af hovedpersonerne i romanen George Milton og Lennie Small.


Analysis “Of Mice and Men”
By Dannie Dandan Peng-Li

Of Mice and Men is generally built on opposites. Already in the very beginning of the story something indicates it. The description of the nature a few miles south of Soledad cannot be more beautifully and idyllically described. It is an exact picture of harmony. For instance: “One side of the river the golden foothill slopes curve up to the strong and rocky Gabilan mountains etc…” Everything is described with only positive adjectives. But that doesn't correspond to that time the story takes place in, the Great Depression, which is a worldwide economic depression, where the unemployment is extensive. The situation is the same for the two protagonists, George Milton and Lennie Small. It's hard to get and even keep a job, so they have to stick together, even though they are total opposites. George has a dominant role with Lennie, and acting as a superior parent, who has to take responsibility of Lennie's dim-witted actions.
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Of Mice and Men - Romananalyse

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