Nights in the Garden of Spain - Resume

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Filmanalyse: Nights in the Garden of Spain - Resume

Her finder du et resume af kortfilmen "Nights in the Garden of Spain" af Alan Bennett. Opgaven kommer også kort ind på en analyse af nogle udvalgte citater. Du kan for eksempel bruge opgaven til at få overblik over kortfilmens handling.


“Nights in the Garden if Spain” is a short film by Allan Bennett from the series “Talking Heads”. The short film is about an elderly woman called Mrs. Horrocks who is telling us about her neighbor Mrs. McCorquodale who has murdered her own husband. Mrs. McCorquodale wants Mrs. Horrocks to look at the dead body of her husband and this is the start of a short friendship between Mrs. Horrocks and Mrs McCorquodale. Mrs. McCorquodale is in prison and is running in and out of court. Their friendship ends with the death of Mrs. McCorquodale.
“Nights in the Garden of Spain” is narrated by Mrs. Horrocks who is a first person narrator. Her full name is Rosemary Horrocks. She is the only person we hear and see during the whole film. Because we only hear the story from her point of view we have to label her as an unreliable narrator even though she seems honest. From her knowledge of plants we know that she likes flowers and gardens.
'I really only know her to nod to but they have a lovely magnolia so once when she was in the garden I called out: ‘You've had more luck with your magnolia grandiflora than I have.'
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Nights in the Garden of Spain - Resume

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