Me and Dave and Mount Olympus

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Non-fiction analyse: Me and Dave and Mount Olympus

Write an essay (900-1200 words) in which you analyse and comment on Michel Faber's essay “Me and Dave and Mount Olympus”.
A part of your essay must focus on how the text is built up and what the message of the text is.

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Stilen er ikke fiktion, og der skal derfor ikke bruges main character osv. brug i stedet forfatterens navn. Ikke genfortælle!


Me and Dave and Mount Olympus, is an essay by Michel Faber. The story revolves around the arrogant self-proclaimed artist, whose name is not given. He lives in Australia with his wife, whom he would probably name “Hera”, since he finds resemblance between himself and the Greek god Zeus. “Who needs status when one is an Artist, already living on Mount Olympus?” “I was a denizen of Mount Olympus, slumming it down on earth, experiencing cold and hunger the way Zeus experienced being a swan”. Mount Olympus naturally being higher than all other places, this puts our main character above all others in his “artistically” confused mind. He refers to non-artist as “mere parasites”, a quote that certainly be described as god like. Using uncommon and challenging words, seem to grant him pleasure, since he is certain that some people won't understand these, making him feel better than them. Looking down on these “mere parasites” our main character does not seem to comprehend that he is living a life just like them,... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Me and Dave and Mount Olympus

  • 01-03-2017
    Givet af 3.g'er på STX
    Eleven har ikke forstået opgaven, intet fokus på structure og message - analyseret som fiktion selvom teksten er non-fiktion. Ikke et 10-tal værdigt.
  • 02-02-2012
    En rigtig god opgave, med en masse inspiration, hvis man har sat sig fast. I den grad værd at bruge.
  • 23-10-2013
    godt arbejde! godt sprog!
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    God hjælp til at påbegynde min egen opgave