Anmeldelse af Little Miss Sunshine - Film i engelsk

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Filmanmeldelse: Anmeldelse af Little Miss Sunshine - Film i engelsk

Dette er anmeldelse af filmen Little Miss Sunshine i engelsk. Anmeldelsen indeholder også nogle analysepunkter og kommer ind på nogle temaer i Little Miss Sunshine.


Little Miss Sunshine is a movie about the 7-year-old girl, Olive, whose biggest dream is to win a beauty pageant. When she gets the chance to attend “Little miss sunshine” she gets extremely thrilled and the rest of the family, who’s hard up and quite dysfunctional, is practically forced to join her since she is the only one who isn’t completely down in the dumps; she is their little hope.

The trip turns out to make the situation even more catastrophic, though. First of all the father finds out that a potential job gets rejected, which deteriorates their economical situation even more, then the grandfather, who was a great support to Olive and very humorous, dies and her brother, Dwayne, whose biggest dream is to become a pilot, finds out that he is colour blind which renders his dream impossible. And last but not least Frank, Olive’s uncle, just got discharged from the hospital after a suicide attempt. All these incidents are very tragic and you can’t help feeling kind of sorry for them even though it’s represented in a very humorous way... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Anmeldelse af Little Miss Sunshine - Film i engelsk

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