Kill the white bastard

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Essay: Kill the white bastard

Engelsk essay om "Kill the white bastard" ud fra "That Was Then, This Is Now" af Susan Eloise (S.E.) Hinton.


First I will start an introduction stating the topic of the essay as well as the quote. In the text we hear the narrator, 1-person, tells about a white man called, Mike. Mike helps this black girl, but gets beaten up by some black people even though; he tries to be nice against her. The topic kill the white bastard, is a way to be accepted by her “friends”. She do not says something like: “No, just leave him alone” or so, so it is clear in the text that she not wants to be a victim of the black guys. Maybe she is a bit afraid of her own crowd, so she protects herself by saying that.

At the hospital, Mike says: “That's how I got here. I must be a dumb kid like the old man says though, because I still don't hate Negroes, least of all Connie. I mean, I can almost see why she did it. Almost”. If I put myself into Mike's situation, I think it's the right way to think. Why hate them? It does not make any sense – or makes anything better. Mike is not the person, who goes attack a black guy, just... Læs mere

Kill the white bastard

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