In the Name of the Father

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Filmanmeldelse: In the Name of the Father

Her finder du en opgave om filmen "In the Name of the Father", der er instrueret af Jim Sheridan. Opgaven giver en anmeldelse af filmen, hvor der undervejs bliver analyseret på vigtige elementer. For eksempel bliver der kommenteret på titlen. Den fremhæver også Daniel Day-Lewis' portræt af Gerry.


In the Name Of the Father

A film review by Sia Hjulmann Seidler

"In the name of the father", directed by Jim Sheridan, takes you through a poignant journey of awareness in its political and social context, and also tells a story of a father and son that only reach an understanding through their shared circumstance in a prison cell. Gerry Conlon is wrongfully imprisoned for the Guildford bombings, along with three of his friends and seven members of his family. The movie is not only a true description of the intense and extreme events between the IRA and the English (which was originally a conflict between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland), but also a very human and extremely moving and engaging story of the misfortune of several unlucky people, who were only in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong nationality.
Gerry Conlon is the main character and also the character that develops and changes the most in the entire movie. Gerry is a cheeky young man and very rebellious. Being raised in West Belfast, he faces the problems and conflicts between the IRA and the English soldiers way too often. He lives as a petty thief, stealing scrap pieces of lead to sell to the IRA, for bullet-making. He does not follow the rules and laws of society as flawlessly and correctly as his father, Giuseppe Conlon, so one might say that he is a mildly delinquent young man. He does not seem to have grown up, and his attitude toward his father is not the appropriate one. As mentioned before, Gerry goes through a big transformation. From being an immature teenager fooling around with drugs and showing disrespect for his father, he grows into a real man, with responsibilities and faith in what he does. He becomes aware of the situation outside the petty prison life and gets involved in the campaign that Giuseppe has been trying to run through his lawyer, Gareth Pierce.There are two major climaxes in this makeover that Gerry takes on. The first one is when Joe – the real IRA bomber, who has been taken to the same prison as the Conlons – sets fire to the chief prison officers, as a sort of power proclamation, and in an act of insanity at some level.
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In the Name of the Father

  • 11-04-2010
    konge opgave. mange tak!