Gun Laws | Manuscript og E-mail

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Gun Laws | Manuscript og E-mail

Her finder du en opgave, der besvarer A1 (Manuscript), B2 (E-mail) og til sidst oversættelsen i et eksamenssæt for Engelsk A påHHX. Eksamenssættet har navnet 'Gun Laws'.

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"Indholdsmæssigt og sprogligt rigtigt godt manuskript. Det samme gælder e-mailen. Oversættelsen er fin uden at være prangende"


A1 Conference Speech
January 8th 2004
High school safety, Fresno High School, California.
Youth for safety
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for your attendance at this "Youth for safety" conference. I am truly delighted to see that so many of you turned up. During this speech I hope you will develop a greater knowledge about firearms and the laws of the USA, and that you will consider my opinions respectfully.
My name is Lui Fischer and I am the leader of the organization PAX, which is an American organization that attempts to restrict the increasing use of firearms in the United States.

B2 E-mail
Cc: Possible schedule.
Subject: Inquiry of cooperation
Dear Sirs
Thank you for your e-mail regarding cooperation and establishment of gun clubs at high schools in California.
Unfortunately we have to reject your proposition concerning cooperation. It is important for us as an organization to emphasize that this has nothing to do with any prejudice of your work. Our attitude towards gun clubs is neutral, but we as an organization against weapons cannot be involved with weapon interest groups in this particular way.

C Translation
The snipers in the Washington area hit directly into the political and media heart of the American nation. Both the common man and the elite of the country were targets for three weeks, in which ten people lost their lives and three were wounded. [...]
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Gun Laws | Manuscript og E-mail

  • 08-11-2010
    jeg synes der er god struktur på opgaven, samt god tegnsætning
  • 15-03-2012
    Givet af HHX-elev på 3. år
    Ganske udemærket til inspiration når man selv er løbet tør :)
  • 06-06-2013
  • 17-04-2012
    Givet af HHX-elev på 3. år
    Skide godt! ;) God til inspiration!