Analyse af filmen "Green Street Hooligans"

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Filmanalyse: Analyse af filmen "Green Street Hooligans"

Her finder du en analyse af filmen "Green street hooligans" med fokus på bandeaktivitet og minoriteter. Perspektiveringen omhandler MS13.

Du kan for eksempel bruge opgaven som inspiration til din egen analyse af "Green Street Hooligans", eller som hjælp til en opgave om bandeaktivitet.


Subgroups and minorities - Analysis:
Gang activity is becoming a more and more increasing threat, flourishing in every country, scattering over borders, the problem has gone global.

Even in small counties such as Denmark, gang related crime is increasing, spreading fear amongst the population. Drastic solutions appear in the shade of this “terror” increasing surveillance and security. Who are these people, causing society to change? Many are slum-dogs, outcasts from society and children from dysfunctional families seeking new relations.

Yet some got an education, fairly jobs, and a rather good life. It is people like this, the movie “Green Street Hooligans” is centred on, revealing the truth behind hooliganism and as such gang activity.

The film “Green Street hooligans” takes partly place in America where the main character, Matt, is attending Howard University, but as he gets banned due to drug activity he moves to England, more precisely London, where he has got a sister.

Matt and his sister come from an educated family, with a father being a travelling journalist. Unfortunate the mother died in the past, causing Shannon, the sister, to settle in London. Matt studied at Howard, when being kicked out because drugs have been found in his closet.

It is in London the main part of the film takes place, mainly in West ham where the main character finds a sort of family in the GSE ... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Analyse af filmen "Green Street Hooligans"

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