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Eksempelbesvarelse, E-mail: Flexible Work Practices: Engelsk Essay + Email - Eksempel

Studienets eksempelbesvarelse af "Flexible work practices" fra eksamenssættet Engelsk A HHX maj 2010.

Eksempelbesvarelsen besvarer både A: Essay og B: E-mail.

Opgaveformuleringen til de to opgaver er:

Write an essay in which you discuss different aspects of flexible work practices. Write the essay in English. Don't forget to write an appropriate heading. Suggested word count: 700-900 words

You are working as a trainee in the sales department at Kellogg's. The management has sent all employees the following email to which you respond. Write the e-mail in English. Suggested word count: 300 words.

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A: Essay
B: Email


Telecommuter or lone wolf?

Nothing is more modern, up-to-date and more flexible than being a telecommuter. Every well-respected company has at least considered the opportunity of letting employees work from home. But is working remotely really a bed of roses?

When telecommuting was first introduced as a flexible work practice in the early 70s, it was a solution to very tangible traffic-related problems and the immediate advantages were clear: people saved valuable time in traffic and, perhaps more importantly at the time, they saved money on gas. Today, telecommuting is a rapidly growing tendency in companies and offers an alternative to traditional office practices. The term covers a wide range of flexible work practices and can thus be used to describe working from home as well as working in cafes, airports and the like. The technology of today makes all of this possible and allows



To: Jennifer Atkins, ja@kelloggs.com From: Trainee
Date: 28-08-2012
Subject: New flexible work practices
Dear Ms. Atkins,
I would be delighted to answer your questions about flexible work practices.
There are many different kinds of flexibility, but in my department in particular, we have talked a lot about the possibility of flexible hours. Especially the people with small children at home would like to be able to come in early so that they can leave the office in time to pick up their children from daycare. Others have mentioned that they would like to work from home a few days a week. I can see how that might be an idea ... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Flexible Work Practices: Engelsk Essay + Email - Eksempel

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