Analyse og anmeldelse af "East is East"

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Filmanalyse, Filmanmeldelse: Analyse og anmeldelse af "East is East"

Her finder du en opgave, der indeholder en analyse af filmen "East Is East". Til sidst bliver filmen også anmeldt kort.

Den indeholder løbende svar på følgende problemstillinger/spørgsmål:
1) write a brief summary without giving too much away.
2) comment on and evaluate (some) of the actors. Are they convincing?
3) account for the theme and what the director and scriptwriter want to say about it
4) make a recommendation to the public. Should they go and see the film or not?

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Fik 10 pil op: This is very well written and with many convincing and well-argued points.


“Religion” is defined by the relationship to higher powers. Often a religion includes certain rules that you have to follow to be a part of the religion. Some religions have very strict rules and some haven't. This is exactly what the film “East is East” is about.

The film is a British comedy-drama and we follow the life of a family that lives in Salford, Britain. The father, George, is Pakistani and the mother of the family, Ella, is British. The parent's two different religions are a huge problem in the family. George wants and even expects his family to follow the strict rules that his religion involves, but the children – who were born and also grew up in Britain – reject the way their father wants them to dress, eat and live in general. They just want to be themselves and that leads to a lot of problems and conflicts. Therefore the crux of the film is the problem concerning a child growing up in a culture that is different from its parent's religion.
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Analyse og anmeldelse af "East is East"

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