Children and obesity | Fedme

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Children and obesity | Fedme

Min opgaver handler om fedme, som er skrevet på engelsk. Hvor jeg har skrevet lidt forskelligt om fedme, der noget om hvordan man bliver fed, og hvorfor man gør.


Facts about fatness
Obesity at children in Denmark
The problem of the solution


Facts about fatness
Obesity: a state with too much fatty tissue in the body, than what there are compatible with the physical and mental health. Particularly this arise on hereditary persons, whose diet are to fat and contains too much energy and do not exercise enough. Many Danes are fat, and more have too much fat around the stomach.
There are complications connected with being overweight. Diseases as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, coronary and cerebral thrombosis are typically.
There finds more method to measure obesity. One method is body fat mass index, which is published by WHO in 2000. Body fat mass index also abbreviated BMI, is a result that shows when calculated = weight/ (height*height). The score shows how fat/thin a person is. The result list is divided in several rows, from underweight over normal weight to obesity divided in 3 classes; obesity I, obesity II and obesity III.
For obesity III, the BMI result list is:
- Any BMI>40 is severe obesity
- Any BMI of 40.0-49.9 is morbid obesity
- Any BMI of> 50 is super obese
The immediate cause to obesity is a high energy balance vs. the exercise level. Too much energy comes from large portions of food, fast-food, sweets, booze ect.. When obtaining too much energy... Læs mere

Children and obesity | Fedme

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