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Rapport: Ecco | Marketing Management


Problem formulation:

You have been employed in the Ecco marketing department and are asked to prepare a report comprising the following five questions:
1. An account of Ecco's previous growth strategies, and an argument for Ecco's choice of competitive strategy.
2. An analysis of purchasing behavior for Ecco's Receptor line.
3. A suggestion to relevant segmentation criteria and a description of the selected segments for the mentioned concepts on the Danish market.
4. A suggestion as to how Ecco can go about differentiating and positioning itself as a company.
5. A sales forecast fore golf shoes on the Danish market for 2003-2008.

Studienets kommentar

Marketing Management 2005.


Introduction 3
Problem formulation 3
Method 3
Question 1 4
Question 2 7
Question 3 9
Question 4 13
Question 5 14
Conclusion 15
Bibliography 16



Ecco is a big international company, known for quality, perfection, durability and comfort. Ecco has existed since 1963 and was founded by Mr. Karl Toosbuy in Bredebo, Denmark. At that time, the vision was to settle with that times starch shoes and instead lead the foot form the shoe. In fact, this vision still exists this day. Ecco gives the functional quality a pride of place and there are not produced on single Ecco-shoe where the comfort is neglected. In fact, this can be both a strength and a weakness for Ecco in spite of the fact that comfort and function are rarely in proportion with a fashionable design. In reality many consumers prefers functional quality above a fashionable design in relation to sport and spare time. A challenge Ecco is facing today is how they can positioning and differentiating themselves from their competitors.


In order to be able to make an account of Ecco's previous growth strategies and to substantiate the choice of competitive strategy, it is necessary to involve theories concerning these ideas. Among other things, I will use Ansoff's growth matrix, horizontal and vertical integration and Porter's competitive strategy.
Concerning the analysis of the purchasing behavior will use the case and in addition to that, I will use the theory of consumer buying behavior from Kotlers Principles of Marketing including figure 6.1 and Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
When talking about the segmentation criteria I will use the theory about segmentation criteria and table 9.1 in Principles of Marketing.
Regarding the positioning and differentiation I will use the four p's which is illustrated in figure 6.1 in Principles of Marketing.

Question 1:

An account of Ecco's previous growth strategies, and an argument for Ecco's choice of competitive strategy.

In general, there are three different growth strategies:
1 Intensification
2 Integration
3 Diversification
Ecco has trough out time taken advantage of the two first strategies, therefore I will go further into dept with them.

The intensification strategies concerns about the company developing their position in already existing markets and products. This is clearly illustrated in the Ansoff's growth matrix.

Ecco has mainly used the strategies concerning market penetration and market... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Ecco | Marketing Management

  • 17-05-2012
    Givet af Studerende på 1. år
    Den er alt for gammel.. 2005! sa i ma skrive hvornar den har været lavet ogsa :)
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    det var en rigtig god opgave og det hjalp mig med at komme i gang med min egen
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    Givet af Studerende på 2. år
    This Project helped me a lot to be prepared for exam.

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