Ecco | International Marketing

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Ecco | International Marketing

AP in Marketing Management. Er om:

International Marketing and sales assignment.
Value Chain of ECCO.

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Marketing Management 2010


ECCO in general
Value Chain
Needed information for the SW-analysis


ECCO in general:
ECCO's goal is to manufacture and sell the world's most comfortable shoes. Their philosophy is that comfort is more than feature. They invest many resources in constantly updating their knowledge about the foot and its anatomy in cooperation with leading experts. ECCO select their materials depending on specific use of a particular shoe and they find that everything should be in the shoe for a reason, which is why it is important that the people who make the shoes are very skilled and that they have the best possible technology available. This helps them make a shoe that not only pleases the eye, but the foot as well, which ECCO think is their strongest competitive edge.


Value Chain:
Based on this paper, ECCO has a very strong value chain with great communication between the parties. They control every part of their value chain, from cow to consumer. They have outsourced all the production and warehousing to Portugal, Slovakia, Thailand and China.
If we start by looking at the primary activities:
In inbound logistics, their production and logistic systems survived a fire in a factory warehouse in Thailand. They strive to have a quick return to suppliers if needed. Their standard before the shoe leave the supplier is very high, so this can't possibly happen very often.
Their operations are very strong. They own their own tanneries and factories, which ensures the high-quality their brand stands for and expect from the factories. They are constantly investing in testing of new product and in 2008 they invested in significant new product equipment. In 2007 EU put on some higher punitive tariffs for shoes manufactured in China. ECCO wisely stopped a ...


Strengths: ECCO has a very strong brand and they stand out from their competitors by owning and controlling every part of their value chain. Their investment in constant training of personal gives the company a lot of employees with a lot of knowledge and thereby a lot of insight and ideas for new products. Their focus on the foot is very unique and makes their shoes extremely comfortable.
Weaknesses: Their focus on the foot makes it almost impossible for them to make a beautiful shoe... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Ecco | International Marketing

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