CRM-Customer Service Management

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Rapport: CRM-Customer Service Management

Project on CRM.

Problem Formulation
As IEM is a customer oriented company hence it would be very important to consider the CRM strategy well in advance as part of the Business Plan. This would not only make IEM a better customer oriented in advance give, a value for the company to reap profits in the Business-to-Business and Business to Consumer Market.

CRM can fail too, but there are reasons for which CRM strategy fails. It could be that the company decides too many systematic / complicated systems such as Super Computers when a very simple way of finding out by ticking how many customers come every day, way could have worked.

The following will be attempted in the project.

1. Why is CRM strategy important for IEM in accordance with Vision (Service to Remember), Mission (Service at Best) of IEM?
2. How can CRM help in creating a Value loyal customer?
3. What is and will be the impact of CRM strategy on customers, market, and product from IEM?
4. How will the CRM Strategy of IEM look like and implemented?

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A P Degree in Retail Management


Introduction 3
Motivation 3
Problem Formulation 3
Method 4
Theory and tools used 4
A brief about IEM and why is CRM Strategy Important for IEM 4
How to find out successful CRM strategy? 4
So what are the fundamentals for CRM? 4
What does CRM mean? 4
Collecting Customer information and putting them into groups 6
Who will be members of initial CRM team? 9
The Team in Mind 10
What is and will be the impact of CRM strategy on customer, market, product from IEM? 10
How can CRM help in creating a Value Loyal Customer? 10
Limitation for the project 11
Concluding the Project 11
How will the CRM strategy of IEM look like and implemented? 11
Appendix 1 12
SWOT Analysis of IEM 12
Strength 12
Weakness 12
Opportunity 12
Threats 12
Time Table for the Project. 13
References: 13


As part of study for AP Degree in Retail Management, in this assignment we should select a topic from our Business Plan and write a brief on a topic.

I have picked up the topic of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The assignment will be built up considering the need and the process of developing a good CRM strategy for the International Events Management Group.

CRM is no longer the system, which will give a competitive advantage to a company. Nowadays, CRM is part of the Business Plan. Every company when considering its Business Plan wishes to draft a good CRM strategy in advance.

In the Business to Business and Business to Consumer Market, which has gone global due to the use of Internet and other methods, CRM is a part of survival. CRM thus gives our company to keep loyal customers and the information given by the CRM gives the company know customers better and their preferences. It also gives the company strength to response to future threats. It would be right to mention here that a good CRM strategy is Strength in the SWOT analysis and helps in fighting the Threats and approaching the Opportunities in future.

All departments in big or small company give basic inputs for a good CRM strategy. IEM will also make project TEAM inside the company to start with for developing its strategy that is in line with the MOTTO of IEM.

The method for the project will be analysing CRM from IEM's point of view, emphasising formulation of a good CRM strategy and at the end come out with some examples in mind about the draft CRM Strategy. After examining the need for a CRM for IEM, it is necessary to apply various methods using theory and tools in hand to get to the core strategy and tactic for implementation. In the process of this project as no practical meetings were held, hence hypothetical strategy will be attempted.

Theory and tools used
SWOT analysis as drafted in the business plan was used to find the strength weaknesses, opportunities and threats of IEM that would tell about our prospective customers (Analysis can be seen at Appendix 1). Out of four P's in the Micro atmosphere, Product and Price are discussed in attracting initial customers. Pyramid, hourglass, hexagon profiles for CRM strategy is used... Køb adgang for at læse mere

CRM-Customer Service Management

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