AT: Bend it like Beckham & Chameleon

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AT: Bend it like Beckham & Chameleon

AT i Mediefag og Engelsk om filmen Bend it like Beckham og novellen Chameleon.

Problem statement:
How come that the Indian parents' view of their children's future hasn't changed over time, when they have been a part of the new culture for such a long period of time?
We will use “Bend it like Beckham” and “Chameleon” to find out if it is seen more than once. How are the children handling their parents' stubbornness? Why do their children fight against their culture?


Problem Statement
Analysis of ”Bend it like Beckham”
Analysis of ”Chameleon”
Other aspects
Methods employed in the assignment


Bend it like Beckham is about multi culture, and is regarding a girl called Jess who really wants to play football. But she is facing crossroads; Jess could follow her culture, her parents and her sister's way called Pinkie and get married to an Indian man and get caught up in the Indian culture, or she could follow her dream of becoming a professional football player. Jess has to bend her life around her family (that's why the film is called Bend it like Beckham)... Læs mere

AT: Bend it like Beckham & Chameleon

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