Bang & Olufsen | Management accounting system

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Rapport: Bang & Olufsen | Management accounting system

Study on the management accounting system of B&O.

Problem definition
We would like to describe historical development of Bang & Olufsen and using SWOT analysis we will examine the company's environment on the market. As a next step we will have a look at marketing, purchasing and operation strategy of Bang & Olufsen in order to see how the company achieves the competitive advantage. In the second part of our paper we will focus on management accounting system of B&O and from information available we will prepare a master budget for the company.

Studienets kommentar

Opgave fra 2004 på ukendt uddannelse.


1. introduction

strategic study of the company

Company development profile

Rapid growth requires new organization
Competitive Environments –threats, opportunities, strengths, weaknesses (SWOT analysis)
2 Strategies of B&O
2.1 Main strategy of B&O through the history
2.2 Marketing strategies of Bang & Olufsen

2.3 Purchasing strategies for Bang & Olufsen

2.4 Operation strategies of Bang & Olufsen
2.4.1 Achieve competitive advantage through operations (theory)
2.4.2 B&O Supply-Chain management of operation Decision
2.4.3 Towards mass customization is the strategic development trend:
2.4.4 Just –In – Time philosophy



”Open your eyes and look to the future”

Bang & Olufsen is a company dealing with production and sale of high-tech televisions, audio and video systems, DVD players, telephones and additional accessories. However, their main focus has historically been and remains music performance.

For decades, Bang & Olufsen has set standards for design, sound, quality, operation and system integration. In order to satisfy their customers, they combine high technology and high- quality materials and are constantly improving those functions and facilities which are indispensable in everyday use.

The company was founded in 1925, when Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen sold their first product - Eliminator, an original invention based on transforming the line voltage and which enabled to substitute expensive batteries with standard power source. Since then each of the new products from Bang & Olufsen brought about the same surprise.

The Headquarter and the production plant of Bang & Olufsen are in Struer, Denmark, where most of the workers are employed and nearly all the production is made. The company has extended their business worldwide, they have more than 1770 stores in more than 40 countries and 80% of their production is for export. In Denmark, the firm has about 60% of the market share in audio technique, in many other countries, e.g. in Austria, Germany, they have dominant position in its quality and price class.

1. Company development profile
During 1950s there were approximately 20 Television and radio manufactories throughout Denmark.Currently, Bang&Olufsen is the only one left from the competition .B&O ‘s complete R&D and production is based in Struer where is located at north-west part of Jutland.

B&O company employees over 2700 people throughout the world. It has grown into an international company with subsidiary sales companies and agents in 26 countries and over 3000 dealers, the stores selling B&O equipments across the world.

In 1925, there were two engineers, Svend Olufson and Peter Bang founded Bang & Olufsen. The concept was, from the beginning, to manufacture radios for the domestic market. B&O has always based their products on existing technology targeting the Danish market. As the Danish market in the late 1960's became saturated with audio-video equipment, for example from the Japanese producers among these Sony, B&O realized that in order to survive, it had to lead a strategy of differentiation. Today B&O still adopts the technology and bases their differentiation on design;... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Bang & Olufsen | Management accounting system

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