Aspects of Globalization: Essay + E-mail: Eksempel på Besvarelse

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Eksempelbesvarelse: Aspects of Globalization: Essay + E-mail: Eksempel på Besvarelse

Her finder du Studienets eksempelbesvarelse af "Aspects of Globalization", som er titlen på eksamenssættet for Engelsk A på HHX fra maj 2009. Eksempelbesvarelsen besvarer både delopgave A, hvor du skal skrive et essay og delopgave B, hvor du skal skrive en e-mail.

Kommenteret eksempelbesvarelse
Eksempelbesvarelsen indeholder et essay og en e-mail til karakteren 12 udarbejdet af Studienets fagredaktør i engelsk.

Essayet og e-mailen er begge løbende kommenteret, så du kan følge med i, hvordan de to opgaver er løst, og hvad, der er lagt vægt på. Hvert afsnit forklares og uddybes, så du selv kan blive inspireret til, hvordan opgaven du kan løse opgaven, og hvordan de to opgavetyper skrives til karakteren 12.

Bliv bedre til at skrive essay og e-mail med Studienets eksempelbesvarelse til "Aspects of Globalization".

Opgaveformuleringen til de to opgaver er:

A: Essay
Write an essay on globalization. In the essay you discuss the impact of globalization on consumers, Western companies and workers in the Third World. Write the essay in English.
Suggested word count: 700-900 words.

B: E-mail
You have agreed to participate in a survey about consumer attitudes towards corporate social responsibility (CSR). Write the e-mail in English.

Inspirationsmaterialet, der bliver anvendt er:

  • The Hidden Face of Globalization (three clips)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Child Labour


A: Essay
Have we become more responsible?
Corporate Social Responsibility is the word on everyone's lips these years. Companies investigate enormous amounts of money in nursing their image and portraying themselves as responsible, trustworthy and engaged citizens of the world. Doing well financially is no longer enough. Any well-respected company now has to do something positive for society as well. But what is the real motivating factor behind this sudden apparent sense of responsibility?

With the invention of the internet our globalized world has become readily connected from one end to the other. Information travels fast and opinions are freely expressed on blogs and in discussion fora. Consequently, in the wake of globalization came increased knowledge about how people live in other parts of the world. This has influenced some consumers in that they are beginning to make demands on their preferred brands to run a responsible business even when their products are manufactured far away. Images and documentaries about the working conditions in Third World countries often have a great impact on consumers. It has become painfully clear that globalization has had distorting effects in the Third World in that Western countries have many of their products produced in countries where the labor is cheaper. In order to live up to the demand for cheap labor, workers live under horrible conditions, work from early morning until late at night, are naturally worn out and have no time for their families.

B: E-mail
o: Peter Johnson
From: Student
Date: 24-08-2012
Subject: Survey

Dear Mr Johnson,
I would be delighted to answer your survey about corporate social responsibility.
I would like to start from the beginning and answer your first question about the importance of a company's image. Of course, I am not completely indifferent to the issues surrounding a company's image with regards to CSR. It is hard, if not impossible, not to care at all about how a company treats its workers for example. On the other hand, I do not actively seek out such information and I only hear about it or react upon it if a case is blown up in the media.
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Aspects of Globalization: Essay + E-mail: Eksempel på Besvarelse

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    Givet af HHX-elev på 2. år
    perfekt opgave til inspiration!!! kan varmt anbefales
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    Super godt.... :-) :-)
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    rigtig godt hjælpemiddel