Analyse af "A Story of Love" af Ali Smith

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Essay: Analyse af "A Story of Love" af Ali Smith

Engelsk opgave som giver analyse og fortolkning af "A Story of Love" af Ali Smith.

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Fine piece


“Stories can change lives if we're not careful. They will come and take the shirts off our backs. Tell the right stories and we live better lives.” The writer Ali Smith deals with a lot of ambitious themes in her stories – love in particular, but also death, passion, guilt, grief and fascination. These themes all come together in “a story of love” in a very interesting and unique sweet way.
“a story of love” comes from a collection published in 1999 called: “Other stories and other stories”. This is a very good title when focussing on “a story of love” because it fits with the story: it's a story filled with other stories. In terminology of literature, short story is a concept that covers a specific way of writing: it's a genre which the name indicates, has brevity as a defining feature. The short story conventionally deals with only a few characters, it usually focuses on a single event, and it has a point of interest – and not so much more, looking at the contents. “a story of love” is about two people living together and telling each other stories. The art of telling stories is to be more exactly, what the theme this story focuses on. It shows us that telling stories is an act of love, but I will return to that later on. I will here analyse, interpret and give some of my own thoughts about this text. Enjoy!... Køb adgang for at læse mere

Analyse af "A Story of Love" af Ali Smith

  • 10-06-2012
    Normal, okay analyse og fortolkning af novellen. Fine brugbare noter.
  • 14-05-2014
    den var god og dybdegående dog med nogen fejl i grammatiken