Analysis of American Beauty

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Essay, Filmanalyse: Analysis of American Beauty

Essay i Engelsk som analyserer og fortolker filmen American Beauty af Sam Mendes.

Opgaven kommer omkring filmens handling og diskuterer filmens tema om den moderne amerikanske familie. Essayet sætter også fokus på de to familier, som man følger i filmen: "The Burnhams" og "The Fittses".


American Beauty

How does the life of a typical American suburb family look like today? Allan Ball gives the world his opinion in his screenplay American Beauty. He puts a question in the American dream, whether it really brings true happiness and satisfaction and so much more. He leaves it completely up to you how you want to look upon American Beauty, but it makes sure that once you have finished it, you won't be able to forget it. It provokes you to think about your own life; some more than others, but it undoubtedly reaches out where most movies never come..

This very untypical American movie starts with two intros. The first one is Jane being filmed by Ricky, while they are talking about her father. He offers her to kill him to which she answers, “Would you??”. After this somewhat extreme beginning, we are led into the real introduction. The voice of the murdered Lester speaks out and introduces us shortly to the movie. Most noticeable is the comment that he will be dead in less than a year, but in some way he is already dead. Then the movie switches into the past with the sound of a clock waking up Lester to his day of misery. During the first day we are being introduced to most of the persons by Lester's voice from the future.

We are following two families. The Burnhams, which is the family given most attention; and the Fittses, who moves in next door at the beginning of the story. In the Burnham family we get to meet Lester, the father. Lester is, if there really is one, the main character of the movie. He is the narrator and the screenplay is mainly built up on his development. In the beginning Lester feels that his life is empty (which it also is!). He has lost the engagement with life and cannot express his real personality anymore. He feels like he is dead already and needs to bond with others again, especially his family. He is tired of making this false image to others, and inspired by Ricky, the son of the Fittses, when he quits his job, Lester sets himself a new goal: He will find his personality and live it out.
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Analysis of American Beauty

  • 29-05-2005
    den kommer godt omkring. rimelig analyse hvilket er nødvendigt for at skrive en god stil flot. mangler dog en smule detaljer
  • 27-04-2006
    Indeholder hovedpunkterne, men så heller ikke mere
  • 29-11-2006
    Mange tak :) fed opgave god inspiration
  • 19-03-2006
    God inspiration til analyse