To help you understand the topic of 3-D printing we will first provide you with outlines for the two texts in your assignment (a video and an article). However, remember that you are only required to summarise Text I. We encourage you to use the summary of Text II to help you with your discussion of 3-D printing.

3-D printer could create human organs

Author: Russia Today News
Genre: Video
Year of Publication: 2013

“3-D printer could create human organs” is a video clip published by RT News in 2013.

Scientists are trying to develop the technology to print body parts. They have created a 3-D printer that can print embryonic stem cells which makes us think about human cloning. An RT correspondent describes and comments upon using 3-D printing to create human organs.

Right now 3-D technology is being used to develop bio-printing—experimental organs, bones, and tissues. The technology works by using living cells which build up tissue structure.


3D printing technology will change the world and the way we live says expert Stuart Grover

Author: News Local
Genre: Article
Year of Publication: 2014

The article “3D printing technology will change the world and the way we live says expert Stuart Grover” was published on the Australian website News Local in 2014.

The article discusses 3-D printing by presenting the business of two Australian technologists who were the first people to open a 3-D printing shop in Australia, Stuart Grover and Howard Wood.

Stuart Grover argues that 3-D printing will change our world— that in the future there will be more 3-D printing shops and people will even have their own 3-D printers at home. According to Grover, this technology will influence the economy, as we will return to a circular, individually tailored economy.


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