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Arrangement in Black and White

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Arrangement in Black and White

Arrangement in Black and White

Dette er en kort analyse af "Arrangement in Black and White", som er skrevet af Dorothy Parker. Analysen indeholder også en karakteristik af hovedpersonen.

“Arrangement in black and white”. The title says what the story is about. It’s about how the world is and was divided into black and white, and that is also the main theme in this story. How the white people handled black people when they met them. That is also a theme of the story

The story takes place in America in 1930, where racial diversity/segregation (a theme) was a big problem in USA. There was a lot of racism and many white people couldn’t readjust to the thought of black people being accepted in the society for anything else than slaves and poor people. The black people didn’t have any rights at all.... [læs mere nu]

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Synes det er mega god inspiration til at skrive sin egen analyse af historien.

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